Ants rescue injured comrades from termite battles

Hurt ants of this species secrete a pheromone to call for help and rescuing their brethren pays off in keeping the colony strong. Learn more: Read the research (FREE):

The marches for science on one global interactive map

Hundreds rally for science at demonstration near AAAS meeting

Alzheimer’s may mess with the eyes, disrupting sleep patterns

This 20 cent pinwheel could transform medicine in the developing world 



Flawed herpes testing leads to false positives, and needless suffering

erpes is a lifelong infection, but Lauren had it only for six tumultuous months. Or rather, she believed she did, after a request for sexually transmitted disease testing returned a positive result. But after weeks of Googling, chatting with members of online herpes forums, and reading scientific papers, she asked for a different test, which eventually confirmed her suspicion – her herpes diagnosis was wrong.

Zika anxiety leading some pregnant women to flee Miami

ishi Sehgal hung up the phone Monday afternoon with two new insights. One: he did not have Zika. Two: he wasn’t crazy for thinking of fleeing Florida with his pregnant wife.

Virtual reality game teaches people with autism how to drive

here isn’t much in the way of public transportation in Sam McCarty’s Nashville-area neighborhood, so like most teenagers, he wants to drive when he turns 16 within the next year. But Sam has mild autism, and for years his mom, Bonnie McCarty, worried that the unpredictability of traffic and the potential for distraction would make driving dangerous, if not impossible for her son.

Dirt may be good for your immune system, studies show

n trying to explain America’s rising rates of allergies and asthma, one of the common theories is that we’re just too clean. And that theory just got a boost by scientists studying traditional farming communities.


Female scientists face gender bias in NIH grant process

espite earning higher praise, women get lower scores on NIH grant renewals, which may contribute to an attrition of mid-career female scientists. Although both genders are almost equally represented in the early career stages of academic medicine, women are underrepresented in high-ranking positions.


Scientists hunt for drug to kill deadly brain-eating amoeba

he deaths hit the headlines every summer, sometimes five or six of them across the country. They’re newsworthy for their rarity and for how innocuous the events leading up to them are – it’s usually a young person who was swimming in a lake, got some water up their nose, and within days, was dead.





The San Jose Mercury News

Postpartum depression: Advocate didn’t get help until she considered throwing herself, son in front of bus

Donald Trump’s Bizarre California GOP Entrance was like ‘crossing the border’

Apple releases open source software for medical apps

Drought poll: Most Californians see serious water shortage despite rains

Options are limited for California caregivers shouldering the burden of growing Alzheimer’s crisis


The Salinas Californian

California’s new End of Life Option Act prompts conversations about death 

When it comes to cosmetics, read the labels 

Zika virus fears not slowing Salinas travelers 

New exchange program could help protect monarch habitat 

Local water suppliers work to meet new chromium-6 standards

EPA pressured to move on pesticide-ban petition 


Storm runoff could help replenish dwindling California aquifers  

Policy changes in Mongolian capital could improve health, decreasing lives lost to air pollution  



Stanford Medicine News Center

Infertile men have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, study finds 

Killifish project explores the genetic foundation of longevity 

Researchers find sleep gene linked to heart failure 

The devil you know: Experts discuss public health consequences of e-cigarettes

Helping newborns through song 




Small, controlled fires are the only way to prevent large wildfires, researchers argue 

The Santa Cruz Sentinel

The buzz about rain 

National Association of Science Writers

-2015 Graduate Student Fellow-

You’ll get the story right, but what about the contract? 



UC Davis

Getting Past the Default – UC Davis Neuroblog

School health officials push for UC Davis students to take vaccines more seriously – The California Aggie